"you did good here Bellamy"

"you did good here Bellamy"

I think I might have inhaled you

And your thoughts they rewind,
To old happenings and things that are done,
You can’t find what’s passed,
Make that happiness last

arrow meme - five quotes [4/5]

Roy, I’m sorry. I made a mistake. thought I could still be with you. thought I could still be Thea Queen, but Thea Queen was trusting and I don’t trust you. Or anyone. Not anymore. Thea Queen was also weak and no matter what it takes, I will be strong.

That bridge has survived a nuclear war and 97 years of weather.
It won’t survive me.

dair appreciation week | day six: moment they became my otp

It’s a sprawling meditation on love.

Team Arrow 

You are not alone

"The last thing she needs is another grave to mourn.”